When I was a child I read a book how two Soviet journalists’  traveled across the United States, from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific by  the car. This book impressed me so that  from that time I the DREAM was born – to drive America by car from one coast to another. But I was living in the USSR and I realized that this dream would never come true, it will remain only a beautiful fairy tale about freedom. Even later when Soviet Union failed and each of us got an opportunity to travel all over the world, such a trip still seemed unreal for me, because it required a lot of money and time.  My husband and I even made several “test” tours to the United States. For example, once we crossed America by train: left New York city and, through Washington, Chicago, San Antonio, reached Los Angeles. For another time, we drived across California with a stop in Nevada.

And so, at the beginning of 2014, I had a strong desire to  leave everything and go to the best place in the world – California. No, not for permanent residence, but  justfor a few months,  forcomplete freedom and relax. The decision was made and the fuss began – buying tickets, booking accommodation, mapping the route…

In early April, everything was ready. The tickets to Los Angeles were purchased, a car was rented, apartments and hotel rooms were booked. We said goodbye to job.

It’s time to go!