Slaveholding south

Slaveholding south

“Gone with the wind”, an american classic,  and “Django unchained.” So, it turns out, that while traveling across US,  Hollywood movies  came into the mind.

Alley of ancient trees, forming a kind of arch, leads from Mississippi to the main entrance of the house.


The history of the country is not so ancient as in Europe. There are no Chateaus  of Loire or Colosseum. Probably, the planter’s houses in  the southern states are the oldest places of interest of the USA.

Houses  of slaves, “uncle Tom’s cabins”, are not maintained till nowdays.  Now for tourists are exibited a cozy, small wooden houses.  «Not believe!”, we thought, and were right: in such conditions were living the slaves who worked in the house of their white master, and how lived those “working in fields” the exposition does not show.

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