Canadian parable

 Once upon a time God came to the Dog Newfoundland  and said: “Hello big black dog. I’ve been watching for you for a long time. You have a great, kind heart, you help a human being , you transport goods for fishermen, you save people in the ocean. I’ve decided to reward you for it, and if you want I will transform you into a human being”.

Newfoundland liked this proposal: he will be able to stop his hard work, he will sit on the shore of the ocean in a rocking chair, read smart books and play chess with friends. He agreed.

 And the God started the transformation of a dog into a man. First, the fluffy tail fell off, secondly the ears became smaller, then the front paws stretched out and turned into hands. But, suddenly Newfoundland realized that he doesn’t like the perspective of walking on his hind legs during all his life, and he asked God to return everything back.

 – No! – God said and got angry. – Remain in this particular shape:  half-human and half-newfoundland!

That is  how a gorilla came into being.

The evil God didn’t want the Newfoundlands play chess with the gorillas and, watching the sunsets, spend evenings in philosophical talks with them. The evil God sent gorillas in their black fur coats from the cold north island to the hot Africa.