Craters of the Moon

After Shoshoni falls our way lay to Yellowstone. There were two roads: if you go to the right, will get to the destination point quickly, if you go to the left you will get to “Mordor” quickly. We chose left way and did not regret, this road brought us to the National Monument Craters of the Moon.

The “Moon craters” appeared about 2 000 years ago, as a result of the eruption of the volcano, in many places the lava fields are not covered with soil and vegetation. Approximately 80 square kilometers occupies this unusual area of columns, caves, sculptures and monuments resembling the surface of the moon with its lifelessness.  It seems that the eruption occurred only yesterday, so clearly visible frozen lava flows.


When we arrived, the sky was filled with black clouds and the snow began, as the nature wanted to freeze harder this once boiling Kingdom of the devil.

This black landscape touches with its despair and loneliness, but we need to move on….