Yellowstone National Park

Certainly, Yellowstone is the most famous national Park in the United States.  The territory of the Park is a dormant SUPERVOLCANO and at any moment can occur an earthquake and all this beauty will disappear. The Park is huge and its nature is very diverse – canyons, geysers, mountain rivers with waterfalls, you need to come here at least for a week. We have only two days and so we managed to perform the «mandatory program»: the valley of geysers, the largest of them is the “Old Faithful” and bison. Bison – are the real owners of Yellowstone, they slowly walk along the roads, while people are sitting in their cars and patiently waiting when powerful animals give them the way and they can drive.

The Park is located on Yellowstone plateau, at an average altitude of about 2400 m above the sea level, so in the middle of May there was still snow in some places. Upon arrival we even decided that we would have to spend money on warm clothes and shoes, but, fortunately, it was enough to put on three jackets and two pairs of socks.

The audience is ready. Old Faithful Geyser erupts on schedule, posted at the tourist information centre. As though, one of the staff opens a secret underground water tap 🙂