Hoover Dam

Not far from Las Vegas  (about 48 kilometers)  there is one of the most famous attractions of the United States – Hoover dam. It was built in the Black Canyon the Colorado river on the border between the States of Nevada and Arizona in 1936 and named after the  President Herbert Hoover.  The Entertainment Capital of the World – Las Vegas owes much of its existence to this dam than to the Italian mafia. Many interesting facts about its construction and architecture can be found in Wikipedia. I liked most of all  he fact that the process of concrete hardening of the Damb has not been completed to nowadays.

It so happened that for the first time we met Hoover dam from a bird’s eye view, flying over it during an airplane tour from Las Vegas to the Grand canyon. A year later, back in Vegas, we decided to take a ride to the dam by the car, fortunately it’s  mere hour;s drive from the LasVegar Strip.

From the height of bird flight

Hoover Dam is a world famous man-made wonder. The construction is really impressive, and  from the point of the massiveness it is compared to the Egyptian pyramids. Who knows, maybe in a couple of thousand years  the tourists  will be shown what people of the “oil century” were capable for.

Hoover dam  was built from 1931 to 1936, builders  worked in  extremely hard conditions.  There were 112 deaths associated with the construction of the dam.

The States of Nevada and Arizona are in different time zones, so going through the dam from one Bank to another, you can lose an hour of life.