Arches national Park. In this Park there are more than 2000 arches formed of sandstone as a result of weathering and erosion. Perhaps, there is nothing to say more, because this must bee seen! To say that it is beautiful means to say nothing. Here you feel the majesty and eternity.  Here, once again, you realize that the best artist is in the world is nature. It has created these bizarre rocks and arches and, exposing the different lighting during the day,  it changes their beauty from dawn to sunset.

These huge, monumental, red rocks aroused in my imagination the image of  “Chief” Bromden, by whom the book ” One flew over the cuckoo’s nest ” by K. Kesey is narrated. They are the same silent, “deaf and mute” observers of what is happening in our psychiatric hospital..

A lot of photos below. Enjoy!